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Anime Adaptations Of Popular Manga Coming In 2023

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Are you a fan of anime? Do you also happen to love live-action adaptations of your favorite animated series? Then you’re in luck – Netflix has a whole slew of new live-action anime adaptations coming out in 2022 and beyond!

Live Action Anime Adaptations Coming to Netflix in 2022 and Beyond avatar

Get ready to have your mind blown with this upcoming lineup of live-action anime adaptations on Netflix! Here are just a few of the new shows to look out for:

  • ‘Cowboy Bebop’ – Based on the beloved 1998 anime series, ‘Cowboy Bebop’ follows a group of bounty hunters as they travel through space in search of dangerous criminals. Starring John Cho as Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, this series is sure to be a hit with both old fans and new viewers.
  • ‘One Piece’ – This long-running anime series is finally getting a live-action adaptation, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Follow the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates as they search for the legendary treasure known as the One Piece.
  • ‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’ – Okay, so technically this isn’t a live-action anime adaptation, but it’s close enough. This animated feature film is based on the world of the popular ‘The Witcher’ franchise and explores the origins of Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir.

5 Anime That Have a Great Live-Action Adaptations (& 5 That Fell Flat)

Of course, not all live-action anime adaptations are created equal. Here are five anime that made the jump to the big screen and did it right, as well as five that failed to capture the magic:

Great Adaptations:

  1. ‘Death Note’ – This Netflix original series is a stylish and suspenseful take on the popular manga and anime series. With Willem Dafoe as the creepy voice of the Death Note itself, this adaptation is definitely worth a watch.
  2. ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ – This movie series based on the classic anime and manga is a visually stunning and action-packed adventure. Fans of the original series will find a lot to love in these films.
  3. ‘Parasyte: Part 1’ – Based on the sci-fi horror manga and anime series, ‘Parasyte: Part 1’ is a well-executed adaptation that does justice to the source material.
  4. ‘Gintama’ – This wacky-comedy anime was brought to life in a live-action film adaptation that captured the humor and spirit of the original series.
  5. ‘Attack on Titan’ – This blockbuster live-action movie adaptation of the popular anime and manga series is a thrilling and intense ride that fans won’t want to miss.


  1. ‘Dragonball: Evolution’ – This ill-conceived adaptation of the popular ‘Dragonball’ anime and manga series is widely regarded as one of the worst movie adaptations of all time.
  2. ‘Ghost in the Shell’ – Despite its impressive visual effects and Scarlett Johansson’s star power, this live-action adaptation of the classic anime and manga series failed to capture the soul of the original.
  3. ‘Speed Racer’ – This flashy and colorful live-action movie adaptation of the classic anime series failed to resonate with audiences, despite its impressive cast and visual effects.
  4. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ – This live-action movie adaptation of the beloved anime and manga series was widely criticized for its mediocre special effects and lackluster storytelling.
  5. ‘Bleach’ – Despite a loyal fanbase, this live-action adaptation of the popular anime series failed to impress critics or audiences with its bland characters and predictable plot.

Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or just looking for something new to watch, these live-action anime adaptations on Netflix are definitely worth checking out. And who knows – you might just find your new favorite series!

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